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santa barbara engagement photographer – ellwood bluffs – george & grace

What a beautiful couple in so many ways. George & Grace were totally radiating love, happiness, and playfulness during their engagement session at the Ellwood Butterfly Preserve and Ellwood Bluffs (if you love this location like we do check out these foggy engagement portraits and  these maternity portraits also at Ellwood). We’ve been getting to know Grace through the church we’ve been attending, and we were super excited when she hired us to do her engagement portraits!

Grace told us the sweet story of how she met George when they were students at UCSB…

George held the elevator door open for Grace (how chivalrous). He introduced himself, chatted away, and to Grace’s surprise, even walked her to her next class. George asked for Grace’s number, and she somewhat begrudgingly agreed to the exchange. She dialed his number into her phone and called it so he would have her number. They parted ways, and Grace didn’t think much of it, and certainly didn’t expect a phone call. But then she lost her phone. And because George was the last person she had called, the person who found her phone called George and gave him the phone, and eventually George got in touch with Grace to return the lost phone. But he wouldn’t just return it between classes! George would only bring her the phone if she agreed to meet him for a proper lunch date. Thanks to an elevator ride and a lost phone, fate brought these two together and somewhere along the way they fell in love. Its now several years later and Grace is a lawyer, George is an air-force officer, and they are planning their wedding! I love a good love story.

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